About Allies

Allies  is a India based company that specializes in Vector Microstock imagery, Graphic Design & Web Application Development. We were born in 1998, and formally incorporated in 2005 as an Indian corporation (Private Limited).

We have a portfolio of more than 1 million vector graphics elements and 1,00,000 vector compositions/images. This diversified portfolio puts us among the top vector microstock contributors in the world.

Our illustration and design are seen by thousands worldwide in books, leaflets, brochures, online-ads, banners, business-cards, real-life-products and so on.

Our illustration and design is used by so many from small shops, bloggers, news agencies, advertisement agencies and publishers to Fortune 500 companies.

We are globally recognised because of our ideas, which are turned into useful design by our creative team using a highly streamlined process.

We have fun at what we do; we do what we love, hence everyday we design tons of new and unique stuff.